Thursday, 26 November 2009

in what seems like an almost daily occurance, i was contacted by phone by some chancer from the sub-continent offering me a mobile phone.
not only did this herbert have the temerity to try and convince me that i needed his services but he also introduced himself (in a thick bangladeshi accent) as ELVIS !!!.
"now we both know that's not your real name don't we??" i ventured. he was nothing if not persistant. i really despair of the current state of things when NO doesn't appear to mean NO anymore!!
you just know that these types are reading off a pre-printed list and ticking the boxes as you make your way through the process. it can be hugely entertaining to insert really left field answers/words into the equation safe in the knowledge that ELVIS (not his real name), will soldier on through the questions unfluttered however irrelevent your answers are.

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