Thursday, 26 November 2009

in my part of the world, there has been a lot of local excitement about the unveiling of the definitive site of the battle of bosworth. this (for the uninitiated) was the last battle in the wars of the roses and ushered in the tudor dynasty into english history. i would wager that by the very nature of them, large scale conflicts such as Bosworth were fought over a widespread area and many villages could lay claim to have been the site of a battle. geographically, everything points to it being around the fen lanes surrounding Bosworth- until a chap in the local threw new light on the subject.
"Henry tudor's army was made up of welsh infantry but also included a fair proportion of french mercenaries. these would have landed at Milford haven and travelled to the midlands down the A5. Richard 111 would have dispatched his troops from London up the A5. their likely meeting place would have been around Atherstone or somewhere near"......this i agree with in principle. however, he let himself down badly with his next observation.
"we know from writings of the time that cannon and heavy horses were used so it makes sense that the battle took place in this area because they would have used the canals to transport them up there" i 'll admit that a small amount of wee came out of me at this point.
the same canals that weren't built for about another 400 years? i suggested
"you're a cunt" came the stock reply.

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