Saturday, 28 November 2009

"eggheads" on this the most futile piece of programming in the history of televisual "entertainment"?
synopsis--5 smug quiz nerds lord it over allcomers in a test of general knowledge. at least 2 of this bunch of socially inept misfits appear to still live with their parents and one of them looks as though she may slip from this world at any moment.
it wouldn't be so bad if they just answered the questions but they have to add little morsels of extra information just to make their opponents feel even more inadequate. the camera seems to hover on their faces when their opponents are being asked (fucking hard) questions and often c.j will contort his face and roll his eyes incredulously when they inevitably get it wrong.
the bbc should be brought to book about this programme...humiliation by anorak is a particularly cruel and unusual punishment.

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